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A good portion of our shop’s work flow is replacing tires so we thought a page on the web site might help to answer some of the more frequently asked questions.

 Although we always have a pretty good selection of tires they tend to be the ones our regular customers like. We do have access to all of the well known tire brands and can probably get anything you desire in fairly short order. We are also representatives for a couple of excellent brands not commonly found in motorcycle stores or mail order catalogs. Heidenau and MEFO are both manufactured in Germany and although they have only recently entered the US market they have well established reputations amongst motorcyclists in other countries including Australia, Great Britain and South Africa. I suspect they have a similar history in other countries as well, but the rider reviews from these three are in English -  so those are the ones we are familiar with.

Labor to Install. Our shop rates for installing tires depend on the circumstances. If you bring us just a wheel assembly and a tire it runs about $30 to remove the old tire, prep the rim, mount the new tire, and then balance the wheel assembly. Add $10 if we are dealing with a tube as well. If you purchase the tire from us, we will knock $10 off of the labor. If you want to bring us the entire bike, we also charge our standard shop rate of $80 per hour to remove and reinstall the wheel. We can give you a pretty close estimate for the models we are familiar with but some bikes present a much more challenging task with saddlebags, bodywork, mufflers blocking axle nuts, no center stands, etc.

Mail Order Tires. If you happen upon a compelling deal on a tire from someplace else we would be happy to install it anyway. If you are contemplating such a purchase, please let us know what kind of price you are expecting to pay. Although we can’t normally compete with the volume specialty tire dealers, occasionally we get limited time, special pricing from our suppliers on certain brands and models of tires. Maybe the next time you are thinking about a mail order tire, we can come close enough to persuade you to purchase through our shop. When you are doing your price comparison, don’t forget to figure in the discount on labor you get if you purchase the tire from our shop.

Dual Sport Tires. The search for the “perfect” compromise dual sport tire is perhaps one of the most challenging equipment decisions in motorcycling. So difficult if fact, that it is not uncommon for an owner to have two sets of wheels, each with different types of tires mounted for specific riding situations. Owners of Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycles comprise the largest percentage of our customer base, so we get a lot of feedback about tires. We think we have a pretty good handle on what brands and models and tread patterns are suitable for what mixes of on and off road terrain and can give you very good advice on selecting tires, especially if you are thinking of changing your bias of on/off road from what you currently run.

Travelers. If you are on an extended road trip that includes the Southwest and you expect to be in need of a tire mid journey, we can order your choice of tire, have it awaiting your arrival, get your bike on the lift pretty soon after you pull in, and have you on the road again shortly thereafter. We have several very good restaurants and motels close by if you want to kick back for a bit while we work on your bike.

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