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Welcome to Basin Marketplace. It is our hope that these pages will eventually evolve into a gathering place, kind of like a perpetual swap meet, for our customers to buy, sell, or trade motorcycles, parts & accessories, riding gear and motorcycle related services.  That is going to take quite a bit of work to set up though so, for now, we are going to use it in ways we can manage.

Basin Motorcycle Works is establishing an e-Bay store to sell some of the BMW parts and accessories we have accumulated over the years. Most of the items will probably be BMW but not all of them. If you're looking for a secondhand something or other have a look in the online store. One advantage of searching here first is that the item you're looking at is very probably in our storage shed here at Basin so you can come down and have a closer look to see if it is suitable for what you have in mind. If the part needs mechanical reconditioning or cosmetic restoration to suit your needs, let us know. We might be able to take care of that for you or refer you to someone who can. Over the years we have made some very good contacts with people who turn out work of excellent quality.

If you have any motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear or tools for which you would like to find a new home, let us advertise them for you on Basinís online store. We will photograph the items and whip up an honest and detailed description that we think gives them the best chance of selling for a good price. Contact us for more information.

 Here on the Basin Marketplace pages, you will find:

- A link to the online store if you want to peruse the collection of goodies there

- Used Bikes  for sale that either belong to the shop or are placed on consignment by our customers. If you would like to find a new home for one of your motorcycles, perhaps we can help. Contact us for more information.

-Shop Specials limited time offers on service, parts, and accessories in our stock. This might include seasonal specials like our winter service discount or special pricing on stuff that's just been sitting around here on the shelf for too long. Sometimes we receive notices from vendors with blowout pricing on selected items. We donít necessarily want to stock up on them but we think this page might a good way to let you know when these deals come up so you can take advantage if you wish.

- New Product information for accessories, riding gear, tools and publications. We receive a pretty steady stream of new product info. and are always on the lookout for items that make the bike work better and last longer, the riding more enjoyable, or the maintenance less of a chore. Every now and again somebody comes up with a really good idea and we will use this page to introduce you to the ones that we think look pretty promising. 



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