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European Motorcycle Service
and Accessories

Triumph           Moto Guzzi          Ducati        

Although the British would probably be a bit annoyed at this we include the fine motorcycles of England in this category, mostly to make a simpler distinction from Asian or American products.  In general, the European manufacturers seem to be much more willing to take new technical and marketing risks to expand the motorcycling envelope. Unfortunately, many of the smaller European firms do not have very good market presence in the US, so dealers tend to be few and far between.  We suspect this dissuades a lot of motorcyclists from owning a bike that really interests them. With our focus on BMW, Basin Motorcycle Works clearly has a strong bias towards the European motorcycling aesthetic. We would like to take a role in making it easier for our customers to consider adding European motorcycles to their stable. So, we are now offering limited services on some brands of European motorcycles but would be happy to talk with you about most any service on most any model of any European brand.  Ultimately we may not be able to help you with what you need but we would be happy to discuss it with you to see if there is something we can do.  Most important is that we are confident that we either have the tools, information and expertise to do the work correctly, or that we know how/where to fill any gaps in our knowledge. If you are contemplating purchasing a European motorcycle, new or used, and this issue of dealer support is giving you pause, please let us know. Perhaps we can work out something that eases your concerns enough that you feel comfortable branching out on a new motorcycling pathway. We already have some shop time with Triumph, Moto Guzzi, and Ducati but there are a lot more European motorcycles out there and we're interested in and willing to consider working on just about any of them.


Triumph motorcycle history sort of falls into two distinctive eras. The older model lines, the vintage bikes, are commonly referred to as Meriden Triumphs and the original company filed for bankruptcy in 1983. An English bloke by the name of John Bloor purchased the rights to the Triumph name and started producing an all new line of motorcycles in 1991 at a modern factory in the town of Hinckley, in England.

We have encountered a few Hinckley Triumphs since we opened the doors to Basin Motorcycle Works and we have come to see them, collectively, as a nice piece of kit. The New Bonneville series is, along with some of the Moto Guzzis, perhaps the best modern iteration of the  “old school” look with thoroughly contemporary mechanicals. So, we have decided to dip our toe in the water by offering basic services such as oil and filter changes and tire replacement for the Hinckley built Triumph line of twins, triples and fours. We have service manuals in our shop library, a few Triumph services under our belts, and are working on establishing relationships with an authorized Triumph dealer or two for parts, advice and the most current service information. We would consider other, more complex work on a case by case basis, please feel free to ask.  Most important is that we are confident we either have, or can round up, the tools, information and expertise to do the work correctly.

If you have a Triumph, please bring it by for a visit. Give us a guided tour of your ride and tell us your opinion of the bike, and the Triumph company in general, both the highlights and the warts, if any. Let us know what you would like to see our shop carry for your bike or the Triumph line in general. Tell us about any changes you would like to make so the bike is more suitable for the type of riding you like best.  We are especially intrigued by the idea of tailoring the twins to something more specialized, from street tracker to café racer to adventure style all-road ride.

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Moto Guzzi has a long history of building motorcycles that are fundamentally solid in the design and execution of the basic chassis, engine and drive line. It can be reasonably argued, especially with the older bikes, that they perpetually messed up the details. But the most debilitating issue for Moto Guzzi in the US is that for years, perhaps decades, they have been saddled by sketchy management decisions, capitalization, and marketing so there really aren't many dealers here considering how long Moto Guzzi has been stateside. Guzzi’s basic conceptual design is most similar to our favorite, an old-school BMW airhead, with twin cylinder air cooled engine, shaft drive, easy owner friendly maintenance, etc. However, Moto Guzzi still continues with this highly desirable platform long after BMW abandoned the airhead. So, if you still appreciate the original concept in either a vintage or a thoroughly modern package, Moto Guzzi is a fine way to go.

There is lots of buying guide literature available for the older models and the newer ones typically get very favorable reviews in the motorcycling press. One very appealing aspect of working with older Moto Guzzis is that the basic motorcycle is the same from model to model so it is easy to custom build a bike to suit your personal idea of the ideal ride. Parts, accessories and service information are very readily available so we are confident that we can help you live a long and happy life with a Moto Guzzi if you chose to put one in your stable.

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More and more recently as of late, Basin Motorcycle Works has been fielding requests to service Ducatis. These are exceptional motorcycles, designs driven by the Italians' consuming passion for excellence in engineering and aesthetics. So many superb motorcycles to choose from, Ducati's offerings are always equipped with the highest grade components and are renowned for their class leading performance. Truly a hardware junkies dream. Much to our delight, the Multistrada has received a redesign and there are rumors of a more dirt oriented adventure version on the drawing board, perhaps returning as a new incarnation of the Elefant.  

So, we have decided to dip our toe in the Ducati waters by offering maintenance and repair services for selected models. At first, we will accept work on a case by case basis, most important is that we are confident we have the tools, information and expertise to do the work correctly. Please feel free to give us a call and tell us what you need for your Ducati. Our library of accessories and knowledge of modifications for the bikes is ever-growing, and we welcome the opportunity to help you set up your bike for the kind of riding you like to do.

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