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BMW Service, Parts & Accessories


The keys to keeping your BMW humming along contentedly are experience, current service information, the proper tools for the job at hand and access to genuine BMW parts and the full complement of the best aftermarket parts and accessories. We have all of these and are comfortable with any aspect of service for almost any model of BMW motorcycle. For the rebuilds of components that benefit from highly specialized expertise, we use a network that includes some of the most highly regarded BMW specialists in the country.

We generally follow the BMW factory’s recommendations regarding the extent and intervals for service but modify that based on our own experience and that of others acknowledged as experts in the field of BMW repair, service and modification.

We also have very good working relationships with service departments at some authorized BMW franchises so we can get the most current factory service information if the problem appears to warrant the additional help.

We can’t perform BMW warranty work but we can certainly do our best to eliminate other possibilities so that you don’t make that long trip to an authorized dealer unless absolutely necessary.

 With every passing model year, electronics become a more pervasive and integral part of the motorcycle. Once limited to the fuel injection and ABS braking systems, many other systems on the modern BMW now have an electronic interface. In many cases, it is difficult, if not impossible, to troubleshoot a problem without a diagnostic software program. We are so equipped.



A very fortunate aspect of BMW’s long presence in the US is that we have a number of domestic  suppliers that have direct access to the companies that manufacture BMW’s original equipment factory parts. Replacement parts for the very newer models may be limited to authorized BMW dealers and we have agreements with a number of  them that allows us to keep the pricing close to the suggested retail.

In most cases, BMW original equipment parts are the best choice, but as an independent shop we make our own assessments of the value of aftermarket substitutes. In some instances, there are better options, either for durability, ease of service, or simply price for performance – what we might call value.



Now this is the fun part. Getting the bike was just the starting point. The stock bike is, in many ways, a blank canvas, the factory’s idea of compromise to suit the broadest range of a certain target audience. But it’s your bike now, you get to personalize it so that it fits your needs to a “T”. Make your bike more comfortable, more durable, more versatile, handle better, go faster. If something about your ride annoys you, perhaps we know of a solution. Come browse through our collection of catalogs. We have all kinds of goodies, from riding gear, to touring equipment to performance parts.