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Adventure Riders Outpost

“Gateway to the American Outback"


Adventure Bikes, Dual Sport, Dual Purpose, Trail Riding, Fire Road Touring, All-Road, Multi-Surface, Fire Roadsters, Expedition Riding, Rally, RTW ( Round the World). These are all ways to describe the kind of riding we are talking about here. We use the term “road” loosely to include essentially any existing pathway that a motorcycle will traverse, from the super slab of the interstate highway system to single track, high mountain goat trails. Perhaps the defining component of this philosophy is the overriding desire to be able to go anywhere your fancy leads you. 

As much as we like going really fast on both pavement and dirt, riding near the limit is just not the focus of this part of our motorcycling world. This is about covering ground at a more leisurely pace, taking in the scenery, visiting new places, exploring every last pathway to its end just to see what is there, perhaps camping in the outback along the way. We outfit ourselves to be ready for all kinds of weather. We modify and equip our bikes so they are able to handle the widest range of “road” types possible, are comfortable on extended rides, competent in all weather conditions, reliable and easy to maintain on the trip, with lots of fuel capacity and able to pack lots of gear if necessary.

Our shop is located in Mancos, Colorado which we like to think of as the last “civilized” stop before heading out into the wilds: 

·         West into the stark, but stunningly beautiful canyon lands of Utah.  

·         South into the mixed high plateau scrublands and forests of New Mexico.  

·         Southwest to the Navajo reservation and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. 

·         North & East in Colorado rewards you with spectacular mountain road and off-road riding.

The Western US does have some phenomenal pavement riding. However, there are far more miles of unpaved road than paved and that is great incentive to be on a motorcycle that is comfortable and competent on dirt and gravel roads as well as pavement. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can add two track & single track to your exploration repertoire as well. You can maintain a slower speed, more amenable to gawking at the scenery, without being tailgated by agitated motorists and that speed can be whatever you’re comfortable with as you develop your riding skills on mixed road surfaces.

The BLM and the Forest Service administer a lot of land in the West. In many areas you can camp at any spot that appeals to you, and be pretty assured of a quiet evening by a campfire if you desire.

Some on our staff have considerable experience with lightweight backpacking and camping gear and would be happy to advise you about equipment selection if this idea is new to you.

Enjoying Adventure Motorcycling is as much about state of mind as about equipment. You can certainly have an adventure with any bike. Modifying your current ride or selecting a suitable new one can seem a daunting task at first because you are trying to cover a much wider range of riding possibilities than if you were riding strictly pavement or strictly dirt. The trick is largely a matter of deciding on the right balance between the kind of riding you usually do and the kind of riding you would like to do. When you have a handle on that, choosing a bike, making modifications to it and selecting equipment becomes much easier.

Stop by the shop and rummage through our collection of regional maps and books about adventure riding. We also have an ever growing library of literature about accessories, riding gear, packing and planning tips, and ride reports. Please feel free to use our library to help you plan your next adventure rides, choose equipment or decide how best to modify your bike.

We are an authorized TOURATECH dealer. If nothing else, come and browse thru the catalog. It showcases an amazing collection of stuff, geared towards anything from day tripping to riding around the world for years at a stretch. If ever there was a single piece of literature to fire your imagination about the possibilities with your bike, this is probably it.

Almost every brand of motorcycle has one or more models of dirt or dual purpose bike that can be easily modified for this type of riding and we have access to knowledge about most of them. They can be tailored to match just the kind of riding you want to do by juggling choices of equipment and modifications to match the split you want between pavement and dirt or between day rides and expeditions, etc. No matter what bike you have or are thinking about getting, we can help you dial it in to take best advantage of the incredible riding opportunities, both on and off-road, that we have in the Southwest.

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